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Homes and Help For Boys and Girls

Provided by
For the Love of the Family Ministries
Ministry of Elwood Bible Baptist Church
P.O. Box 535
Elwood, IN 46036
Dr. Terry L. Coomer, Director

Sometimes because of behavior, family issues, or other issues children need to go to a home outside their home for help, discipline, and structure in their lives. Several times a month we here at For the Love of the Family receive requests for help in locating homes that are Independent Baptist that might help children who are having problems at home. Because the home or ministry is listed below does not mean we recommend them. We are only providing this list as a help to families as a resource. You will need to check the ministries for compatibility to your situation. Please contact them directly. If you know of a home you feel would be worthy to add to this list please feel free to contact us at tlcoomer@juno.com with their information to add to the list.

Some facts to remember everyday in America:
  • 2,989 children witness the divorce of their parents.
  • 3,288 teenagers will run away from home.
  • 6 teenagers will commit suicide.
  • 438 teenagers will be arrested for drinking.
  • 211 teenagers will be arrested for drug-related crimes.
  • 2,861 teenagers will drop out of school.
  • 1,629 teenagers are placed in adult jail for some reason.
  • 7,742 teenagers become sexually active.
  • 1,106 teenage girls become pregnant.
  • 8,219 teenagers acquire a sexually transmitted disease.

Other facts to remember about America:

In a random survey of 1,200 adolescents and young adults age 13 to 24 throughout the United States, the Kaiser Famit Foundation that: 

  • 81 percent reported that they had had intercourse, and 
  • 50 percent agreed that "people their age did alcohol and drugs a lot."
  • In 2000, 1688 young people (ages 13 to 24) were reported with AIDS. 
  • 2 in 10 girls and 3 in 10 boys are sexually active by the age of 15.
  • Over half of teenagers say they would have a better relationship with their parents if they spent more time together. 
  • The average teen in the US is left unsupervised 2.2 days per week. 
  • Violent youth crime peaks between the hours of 3:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. 
  • Nearly 40% of American teenagers know someone who has been shot. 
  • 40% of all children in America have not seen their father in the last year.

Anchor Character Training Center (coed)
Harvest Baptist Church Ministries
PO Box 430, Fort Dodge, IA 50501
(515) 955-5270 or (515) 955-3074
Pastor, Marvin E. Smith III, 
Director, John Brooks
Home located at: 
1940 225th St., Fort Dodge, IA
Web: http://lighthouse-baptist.net/Anchor-Training-Center.shtml 

Calvary Boy's Ranch, Boarding Academy, City of Refuge, Baptist Institute & Seminary
Calvary Baptist Church Ministries
PO Box 834
Eufaula, OK 74432
(918)689-4789 (Fax)
Pastor, Dr. Jerry McDonald
Web: www.calvarybaptistministries.net
Email: jerrymcdonald@calvarybaptistministries.net 

Camp Tracey (boys & girls)
1051 Arlington Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32211

Freedom Village USA (boys & girls)
P.O. Box 24
Lakemont, NY 14857

Happiness Hill Home (girls)
(Affiliated with Roloff Ministries
Corpus Christi, TX)
Rt. 5 Box 437
Union MS 39365
(601) 365-7714
Director, Dr. Jack High
Email: happyhill@netdoor.com

Heritage Boys Academy (boys)
Buddy Maynard, Director
4015 Maynard Drive
Panama City, Fl 32404
(850) 913-1844
(850) 913-9682
E-Mail: truthforyouth@juno.com
Web: www.heritageboysacademy.com

Hope Children's Home (coed)
First Baptist Church
Milford, OH
Pastor Bill Duttery
(813) 961-1214
(813) 968-7686 (Fax)
11415 Hope International Dr.
Tampa, FL 33625
Dr. Buddy Morrow, Director
Web: www.hopechildrenshome.org

Hope Children's Home (young girls)
(Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church, McDonaugh, GA)
Directors, Jimmy & Donna Prather
Rt. 1, Box 194
Duck Hill, MS 38925
Email: h_o_p_e@bellsouth.net

Joshua Scott Boarding School (boys)
(Ministry of Bible Baptist Church, Belva, WV)
P.O. Box 67, State Rte. 39
Belva, WV 26656-0266
(304) 968-3005 
Email contact through website: http://www.jsboardingschool.com

Jubilee Home For Ladies (18 years old and over; for younger girls see Happiness Hill)
Peoples Baptist Church Ministries, Roloff Ministries
Pastor Charles Crummey
1355 FM 665
Corpus Christi, TX 78415
(361) 265-9911, Ext. 215
Web: http://www.roloff.org/about/about.html

Lighthouse Children's Home (girls)
Lighthouse Baptist Church, West MS. 
Evangelist Larry Neff
PO Box 276
Kosciusko, MS 39090
(601) 289-9629 
Email: lch@kopower.com

Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps (boys & girls, 11-18)
46 hour character building boot-camp
Brighton, MI 48116

Reclamation Ranch (boys and girls12-17, young men 18-45)
Dr. Jack Patterson, Founder and Director
Ministry of Gloryland Baptist Church
P.O. Box 150
Empire, AL 35063

Reformers Unanimous
This web site has information about how to overcome addictions and they also have homes to help those who are addicted.
Steve Currington, Founder
P.O. Box 15732, Loves Park, IL 61132 
(815) 986-0460, burks@reformu.com,

Shenandoah Boys Ranch
Shenandoah Girls Haven
Shenandoah Baptist Church

Pastor Steve Grubbs
138 Osment Rd.
Cleveland, TN 37323
(423) 339-0103
(423) 339-0992
(423) 339-0117 (Fax)
Web: http://www.makingmuchofjesus.com/page.cfm?id=139

Shining Light School for Boys
Ministry of Walter's Grove Baptist Church
Dr. Jeremy Simpson, Pastor
Bro. Roy Isenhart, Director
2620 Cid Road
Lexington, N.C. 27292
Phone: (336) 859-9860
Cell: (336) 596-6459
Email: shininglight4boys@yahoo.com

The Ark Youth Shelter (boys)
Ministry of Trinity Baptist Church
Darrell Finch, Director
9261 Fairforest Rd.
Spartanburg, SC 29301
Fax: 864-576-4463

Victorious Valley Homes (coed)
Ministry of Victorious Valley Baptist Church
140 Victorious Valley Drive
Sunset, SC 29685
Fax: 864-878-5791
E-mail: mcgillfamily.1@juno.com
Contact: Jennifer Holobrooks

Victory Academy for Boys
Ministry of New Life Baptist Church, Aurora,Il
W4705 Wallace Rd.
Amberg, WI  54102-9037
Mark Massey, Director

Willow Valley Boarding Academy and Camp (boys)
Ken Puckett, Director
P.O. Box 99
Vinton, OH 45686


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